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Mission Joshua serves the communities in the cities by meeting their specific needs, and by sharing the Gospel of love of Jesus Christ. Mission Joshua is a non-profit organization that works in conjunction with the Seventh Day Adventist Church and other Christian and non-Christian organizations to provide the people their physical and spiritual needs. The objectives are broken down into various activities that specify how the organization carries out the service to the community as follows:


Mission Joshua empowers young leaders to start their ministries in the cities, giving them the necessary tools to succeed as city missionaries. Some of the ministries that the young leaders can choose from are divided into four categories: Community Service, Health Services, Evangelism, and Bible Studies.



Mission Joshua has a process of collecting data about the needs of each community. The young leaders whom represent their local church will determine a day where the church members go to the neighborhood and conduct surveys in order to determine their needs. After they determined the neighborhood needs they can start planning their ministry for the day of Impact, and throughout the year.

Market Analysis


The young leaders of Mission Joshua will be trained to be equipped in order to launch their ministries of impact and service in the cities. This impact can be done in a week or weekends as needed.



An Urban Center of Influence is a place where we can bring the people of various needs together with activities, such as health education, treatment rooms, small groups, after school programs, elderly care, homeless care, rehabilitation centers, among others depending on the needs of the community determined by our research. 
Mission Joshua will assist and/or develop Centers of influence throughout the cities attending to the people’s needs. Some Urban Centers will be established within the churches and also in other establishments that Mission Joshua may acquire or support.

Getting Soup


One of Mission Joshua’s special projects is to assist and/or develop a center of rehabilitation for homeless people where we can provide: shelter, food, drug recovery programs, mental health evaluations,assistance, education, a well balanced diet, jobs, and bible studies to have a successful integration back into our society.

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